Ep. 3 - Training for Dry-Tooling and Going Higher in Highlinemo with Eli Ellis

Oct 18, 2023

Today is about all things training for dry-tooling with Eli Ellis.

Eli is a dry-tooler, coach, and professional slackliner who specializes in highlinemo, a discipline that combines slacklining at high altitudes and mountaineering. For those familiar with the conjunction "skimo", you'll see where "highlinemo" comes from.

To establish ever higher lines, Eli began ice climbing and dry-tooling. Naturally, he got hooked. And within two years he was climbing M10.

In this episode, we dive into Eli's training that allowed him to progress so quickly, which in part, starts with him climbing, essentially, since childhood. But there's more to it.

During his career, Eli has established highlines throughout Colorado, pushed the boundaries of the sport, create a plethora of new tricks and has even set a high altitude world record.

We'll talk about that and plenty of training for dry-tooling.

Resources and links:

Get a peak into the "First Across" of Hal Latte, Eli's highline at 3,290m in the Colorado Rockies. Here he is sending Rambo II (D10-) in Merano, Italy. And this is a photo of his slackline set up of The Seventh Fang 🐍, his ice-to-rock line extending from The Fang, what he calls his small contribution to the historic Vail Amphitheater.

You can connect with Eli on Instagram @gmeliellis or check out some of his impressive highlines on YouTube. Eli does offer coaching as well, DM him for more details.


Intro music by Hannah Noelle Enomoto (thanks, sis!).

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© 2023 Ice Ice Beta. All rights reserved.

© 2023 Ice Ice Beta. All rights reserved.