Ep. 14 - Ice Climbing in the Age of Climate Change with Taylor Luneau

Jan 24, 2024

I’ve been dry-tooling more than ice climbing this winter, largely because it’s been frustratingly warm in New England. Call this my adaptation strategy — but really, I feel like I’m just getting ahead of the curve since trigger alert: dry-tooling is the future of ice climbing. #provemewrong(please)

Not to be all dire, dour and doom and gloom, but globally, climate change is leading to fewer days below 0°C, aka, the planet is warming. (according to an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report from 2021). Since ice forms below the freezing temp of water, it’s not hard to see that the result will be fewer climbable days of ice as a result.

So what’s an ice climber to do?

Today, we chat with Taylor Luneau, an ice climber from Vermont, former Policy Director of the American Alpine Club, and current Conservation Manager at The Wilderness Society. Taylor has spent the bulk of his adult working life in conservation efforts, protecting public land, and now, supporting climate change mitigation strategies through forest management policies.

During his time at the AAC, Taylor commissioned a first-of-its-kind study evaluating ice season length for one of the premiere ice climbing destinations in the U.S. — the Mount Washington Valley in New Hampshire. You might have seem the film that came out of this, freeze//thaw, which shares the scientific findings and socioeconomic impact on guides in the area. Definitely worth watching.

We talk about the study, how climbers can get involved in responding to climate change, along with mitigation and adaptation strategies in today’s episode.

Behind the scenes:

I'd wanted to do an episode about how climate change was impacting ice season length from the beginning. I had reached out to a few folks but realized they didn't have the combination of experiences I was looking for — I wanted someone who was clearly passionate about ice climbing, had taken demonstrable steps toward contributing to solutions, and, frankly, who is personable and relatable. 

Once I saw freeze/thaw and started looking into who was behind it, I thought Taylor would be a great fit. Then when we first spoke, I knew that to be the case.


3:56 - Is it an end of an era for ice climbers in New England?

6:22 - Growing up in Vermont

11:36 - Interest in environmental policy

17:45 - Experiencing climate change firsthand 

20:07 - Work with the AAC

27:31 - Targetting climate messaging

31:21 - Climate solutions

35:21 - Mount Washington Valley study

51:27 - How can climbers take action?

Resources and links:

If you’d like to connect with Taylor, his Instagram is @taylor.luneau, and his Wilderness Society email is tluneau@tws.org

To learn more about the Mount Washington Valley study, here is the webpage that has “freeze//thaw”, an article by Jimmy Voorhis and Micheal Wejchert, and the full study by Voorhis, McDowell, and Burakowski, et al.

Nationwide forest plan amendment to conserve old growth: 

Remember that the scoping period runs through February 2nd. Here are some resources to learn more and get involved:

Northwest Forest Plan (NWFP) Amendment:

The comment period wraps up on January 29th. Here are more resources and how to comment:

Make sure to get your voice heard!


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Episode cover photo by Marcus Garcia.

Intro music by Hannah Noelle Enomoto (thanks, sis!).

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